Archichroma (new Romanticism to somber times)

Dir: Pedro França
Mostra: I don't believe in a God that doesn't know how to dance
17' . 2017 . SP


A daydream, of precarious structure, in which a delirious and absurd ghost possesses the mayor of São Paulo, making him say the words of a monster. Its title alludes to the effects of chroma key, the utopian architecture of the 1960s, and the idea that was the origin of romanticism, according to which art could be a strategy to respond to conservative times. The film is a tribute to Alexandre Bernardes, who died in 2016. Alexandre was an actor and founder of Cia Teatral Ueinzz, a group composed and directed by mental health patients.

Rating 16 years

Screening: november 18 at 17h


Pedro França
/ Excutive producer

Pedro França
/ Producer

Pedro França, Cia Teatral Ueinzz
/ Cinematography

Pedro França, Pêu Ribeiro
/ Sound

Pedro França
/ Editor

Pedro França, Pêu Ribeiro
/ Sound designer

Alexandre Bernardes, Cia Teatral Teinzz (Adélia Faustino, Alexandre Bernardes, Ana Carmen del Collado, Ana Goldenstein, Amélia Monteiro de Melo, Arthur Amador, Carlos André Balthazar, Eduardo Lettiere, Erika Inforsato, Jayme Valarelli Menezes, Leo Lui Cavalcanti, Luiz Guilherme Ribeiro Cunha, Onés Antônio Cervelin, Paula Francisquetti, Pedro França, Peter Pal Pelbart, Rodrigo Sano Calazans, Simone Mina, Valéria Manzalli)
/ Cast

Festivals and Awards

  • World Première

Pedro França

Born in 1984, he is an artist and member of Cia Teatral Ueinzz and professor of theory and art history at MAM-SP and Instituto Tomie Ohtake (SP). He worked as curator in the programming of films, performances and debates Terreiros, within the 29th São Paulo Biennale. He has worked with drawings, films and installations, performing exhibitions such as Frestas (Trienal SESC, 2017), Lugares do delírio (MAR, 2017), Agora somos mais de mil (EAV Parque Lage, 2016) e Arte Atual Festival (Instituto Tomie Ohtake, 2015). He was nominated for the PIPA Award in 2016 and 2017.