Absence of Memory

Dir: Rita Piffer
Mostra: Specials Screenings
12' . 2017 . RJ


A short poetic documentary portrait about an 80-year-old woman’s recollections of her life and loss during migration between Brazil and Uruguay.

Rating 18 years

Screening: november 19 at 17h


Mera Semelhança
/ Production company

Leda Stopazzolli
/ Excutive producer

Rita Piffer
/ Producer

Rita Piffer
/ Script

Rita Piffer
/ Cinematography

Rita Piffer
/ Sound

Rita Piffer
/ Editor

Andrei Moyssiadis
/ Sound designer

Almira Alves
/ Cast

Festivals and Awards

  • Prêmio Eileen Maitland / Eileen Maitland Award - Ann Arbor Film 2017
  • Architecture of Family - Aurora Picture Show 2017

(21) 9996-20701

Rita Piffer

She directed the short documentaries Ghost Syndrome, and Ali na Esquina, and three fictional shorts that screened internationally in art shows, and film festivals focused on independent and experimental works. She is an invited curator for the Experimental Film Festival DOBRA. She earned her MFA in Cinema at San Francisco State University.