Dir: Juliana Antunes
Mostra: Competition
73' . 2017 . MG


Andreia wants to move out. Leid is waiting for her husband, who is in prison. They are neighbors in a poor suburban slum of Belo Horizonte, trying to escape the daily dangers of a drug traffic war happening on the outside and avoid the tragedy that comes with the rain.

Rating 16 years

Screening: november 17 at 19h


VENTURA, Filmes de Plástico, Pepeka Pictures, Katásia Filmes
/ Production company

Juliana Antunes, Fernanda Brescia Abreu, Camila Bahia Braga
/ Excutive producer

Juliana Antunes, Fernanda Brescia Abreu
/ Producer

Juliana Antunes
/ Script

Fernanda de Sena
/ Cinematography

Marcela Santos
/ Sound

Affonso Uchoa, Rita M. Pestana
/ Editor

Pedro Durães
/ Sound designer

Andreia Pereira de Sousa, Leid Ferreira, Felipe Rangel
/ Cast

Festivals and Awards

  • Melhor filme e Troféu Helena Ignez / Best Film, Helena Ignez Award – Mostra Aurora – Mostra de Cinema de Tiradentes 2017
  • Melhor filme, roteiro e Prêmio de Contribuição Artística / Best Film, Best Script, Artistic Contribution Award – Festival de Vitória 2017
  • Melhor filme eleito pelo júri popular, Prêmio Marseille Espérance e Prêmio Renaud Victor / Audience Award, Marseille Espérance Award, Renaud Victor Award – Fid Marseille 2017
  • Melhor filme / Best Film – Fic Valdívia 2017
  • Festival de Viena 2017
  • Festival de Cinema UNAM 2017
  • Festival de Mar del Plata 2017
  • Festival de Jeonju 2017

Juliana Antunes

 She is graduated in film and audiovisual at Centro Universitário UNA. She is currently developing her next film, Hit and go Copacabana, project awarded in the 8th Brazil CineMundi, selected for Lobo Bab (Mar de Plata) Ventana Sur (Buenos Aires) and pre-selected for the HBF (Hubert Bals Fund).  She also writed and directed the short Plano Controle, in prost-production. She is a programmer of the cinema theater CINE 104 and curator of the Cineclube Aranha.