Dir: Irmãos Carvalho
Mostra: Specials Screenings
23' . 2016 . RJ


2029. Thirteen years after a coup in Brazil, electronic anklets are placed in poor, black and slum children, and their lives are tracked by the assumption that they will sooner or later go to the crime. Chico is another one of those children. On his birthday, the law of preventive rehabilitation is approved and the arrest of these minors is authorized. A painful separation between Chico and his mother, Nazareth, will end the party mood.

Rating 12 years

Screening: november 16 at 19h30


Nasceu Na Rua Filmes
/ Production company

Irmãos Carvalho
/ Producer

Tiago Coelho
/ Script

Gabriel Almeida
/ Cinematography

Gustavo Andrade
/ Sound

Duda Monteiro
/ Art direction

João Rabello
/ Editor

Jeckie Brown (Nazaré), Lucia Talabi (Benedita), Fabricio Assis (Chico)
/ Cast

Festivals and Awards

  • Melhor direção, prêmios Canal Brasil e Margarida de Prata/ Best director, Canal Brasil Award and Margarida de Prata Award- Festival de Brasília 2017
  • Menção Honrosa / Honorable Mention - Festival Visões Periféricas 2017
  • Mostra de Tiradentes 2017
  • Festival de Cinema Latino-Americano de São Paulo 2017
  • Panorama Internacional Coisa de Cinema 2017
  • Goiânia Mostra Curtas 2017
  • Festival Brasileiro de Cinema Universitário 2017
  • Encontro de Cinema Negro Zózimo Bulbul – Brasil, África e Caribe 2017
  • Egbé – Mostra de Cinema Negro de Sergipe 2017
  • Watch Africa, Wales’s African Film Festival 2017
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Irmãos Carvalho

The Carvalho Brothers are 24 year old and live at Morro do Salgueiro, a favela in Rio de Janeiro. Marcos and Eduardo are twin brothers, black and graduated in film at PUC-Rio, through a scholarship. They are both screenwriters, directors and producers. Among their works are: Chico (2016), Boa noite, Charles (2016) and Alegoria da Terra (2015).