I Am The River

Dir: Anne, Gabraz
Mostra: Specials Screenings
78' . 2017 . RJ


Mon Tante Tantan
Like crooked circus drum
Like Lula, the trapeze artist
Flaming does not go there
And elegantly falls
Saved by the ropes
Once again flies and does not climb
On the descent is supported by the fallen
Whether in the clouds or on the ground

(Guilherme Zarvos)

Rating 16 years

Screening: november 22 at 19h


eu morri em 1999
/ Production company

Anne, Gabraz
/ Excutive producer

Anne, Gabraz
/ Script

/ Cinematography

/ Sound

/ Art direction

/ Editor

Anne, Ricardo CB
/ Sound designer

DEDO, Tantão, os fita
/ Music

/ Cast

Festivals and Awards

  • World Première


Anne, Gabraz

Anne and Gabraz have been working together for some years, having made experimental films and documentaries shown at various events. This is the second time they have directed a film together, and their first feature. I Am The River follows a weekend in the life of Tantão, a musician and iconic visual artist from the Rio de Janeiro underground scene since the 1980s. Signs that we will never be able to erase...