Dir: Maria Ganem
Mostra: Specials Screenings
6' . 2017 . RJ


French filmmaker Alain Cavalier visits a suburban house in Rio de Janeiro, late 80´s, where he wonders about the advantages for Cinema from the arrival of the portable camera.

Rating 18 years

Screening: november 19 at 17h


Maria Ganem
/ Script

Imagens de arquivo
/ Cinematography

Maria Ganem
/ Sound

Maria Ganem
/ Editor

Maria Ganem
/ Sound designer

Festivals and Awards

  • DocLisboa 2017
  • Porto/Post/Doc 2017

+35 1 911 733 372

Maria Ganem

Has a doctor's degree from Faculdade de Belas-Artes da UL (Lisboa), where she researches editing with films from family archives, with the support from CAPES. Jacarepaguá is the first of four films hailing from this research. Published the book Found footage, mouvement cinámatographique contemporain (EUE, 2017), which resulted from her masters on Cinematic Studies from UdeM in Canada. Was born in Rio de Janeiro and learned how to swim at her aunt Regina's place in Jacarepaguá.