Dir: Nuno Ramos
Mostra: Sessão de abertura
5' . 2017 . SP


On August 31st, 2017, on its seventh edition, the website www.aarea.co presented Lígia, a new work by Nuno Ramos. Through video, Nuno takes appropriation of Jornal Nacional, the main TV news show in Brazil, working from within the edition that announced the impeachment of then president elect Dilma Rousseff, one exact year ago. The artist makes the anchors sing the song “Lígia,” authored by Tom Jobim. The video will be aired daily over the month of September, coinciding precisely with the broadcast time of Jornal Nacional, respecting even its commercial breaks.

Rating free

Screening: november 16 at 21h


/ Production company

Luis Felipe Labaki, Sérgio Abdalla
/ Audio/video execution

Caio Polesi
/ Website implementation

Tom Jobim
/ Music

/ Copyright permission for the song

Festivals and Awards

  • World Première


Nuno Ramos

Born in 1960 in São Paulo, where he lives and works. He graduated in hilosophy from the Universidade de São Paulo in 1982. A visual artist and writer, he participated in several individual and collective exhibitions, including the Venice Biennial 1995 and the 29th São Paulo International Biennial in 2010. We can find among his works: engravings, paintings, photographs, installations, videos and songs.