My Calendar Girl

Dir: Helena Ignez
Mostra: Specials Screenings
86' . 2017 . SP


This is the story of Inacio, a mid-thirties, middle class citizen like so many others who live in the center of São Paulo City. Inacio is employed in a mechanical workshop, where, in addition to working, he dreams of the Calendar Girl. In the film, the real and imaginary intertwine all the time, in a tangle of surreal sensations.

Rating 14 years

Screening: november 21 at 21h30


Mercúrio Produções
/ Production company

Sinai Sganzerla
/ Excutive producer

Rogério Sganzerla, Helena Ignez
/ Script

Tiago Pastoreli
/ Cinematography

Rene Brasil
/ Sound

Fabio Delduque
/ Art direction

Sergio Gagliardi
/ Editor

Pedro Noizyman
/ Sound designer

Djin Sganzerla, André Guerreiro Lopes, Mário Bortolotto, Zuzu Leiva, Claudinei Brandão, Eduardo Chagas, Naruna Costa, Barbara Vida
/ Cast

Festivals and Awards

  • Festival de Brasília 2017

(11) 3129-5745 / (11) 3256-8676

Helena Ignez

She started her creative partnership with Rogério Sganzerla in 1968 and acted in nearly all his films. She is a prominent figure in Brazilian culture. A member of various avant-garde movements. With over 50 years of participation in the acting and cinematographic fields, she received honors in Asia and Europe, like the 20th Fribourg Film Festival, Switzerland. She directed the features Baal’s Song, Light in Darkness – The Retorn of Red Light Bandit, Ugly, me? and Ralé – The Lower Dephts.