Anti-disturb Manual

Dir: Julia Murat
Codirigido por: Miguel Antunes Ramos
Mostra: Competition
83' . 2017 . RJ


This is a judicious analysis of the diverse speeches published on occasion of the demonstrations that took place from June 2013, thru to July 2014. One can conclude that it is the differences found in that contained in mainstream and independent media that the lines of force and tension points begin in this tragic process of criminalizing and repressing demonstrations. This documentary film endeavors to question the media’s role in this process.

Rating 14 years

Screening: november 17 at 21h30


Esquina Filmes
/ Production company

Tainá Prado
/ Excutive producer

Julia Murat, Douglas Duarte
/ Producer

Julia Murat
/ Script

Guilherme Peters
/ Art direction

Nina Kopko
/ Editor

Simone Petrillo
/ Sound designer

Festivals and Awards

  • Festival de Brasília 2017
  • Mostra de São Paulo 2017

Julia Murat

She is graduated in graphic design and as screenwriter. She has a long time experience working as an editor, assistant director, and camera assistant. She directed the documentary Dia dos pais (2008) and the feature fiction films Histórias que só existem quando lembradas (2011) and Pendular (2017), winner of two FIPRESCI prizes, in 67º Berlin International Film Festival and in 35º Festival Cinematográfico Internacional del Uruguay.