PAZUCUS – Island of Vomit and Despair

Dir: Gurcius Gewdner
Mostra: Competition
111' . 2017 . SC


Inside the intestine of Carlos, Fecal Monsters prepare for its end. This stomach confusion makes him an easy prey for the obsessive Dr. Robert. At the same time, Oréstia & Omar seek to harmonize their relationship in a camp and are, gradually, oppressed by the nature that of paradisaical becomes infernal.  A island is , by excellence, a troubled territory. Piece of land separated off the mainland or territory emerging and arising from the center of the world shocks : re- integrate into the sea is the ghost that haunts all the islands.

Rating 18 years

Screening: november 20 at 21h30


Bulhorgia Produções, Adubo Power Violence, Cavideo
/ Production company

Sune Rolf Jense, Marcel Mars, Ligia Marina, Cavi Borges, JW Kielwagen, Zimmer
/ Excutive producer

Gurcius Gewdner, Marcel Mars, Garganta Silva
/ Producer

Gurcius Gewdner
/ Script

Flavio C Von Sperling, , Marcel mars, , Pablo Pablo
/ Cinematography

Hector B Bragga, Amexa
/ Sound

Gurcius Gewdner, Marcel Mars, Ligia Marina, Hector B Bragga
/ Art direction

Gurcius Gewdner
/ Editor

Gurcius Gewdner, Amexa
/ Sound designer

Anna White, Aline Vieira, Peter Gossweiler, Lucas Rossetti
/ Music

Marcel Mars, Priscilla Menezes, Ligia Marina, Gurcius Gewdner, Hector B Braga, Scott Gabbey, Amexa, Eloah Haole, Marcius Gewdner, Garganta Silva, Magnum Borinni, Pomba Claudia, Maiara P., Flavio C. Von Sperling, Ljana Carrion, Carlos Dias, Ju Simon, Daniel Villa Verde, Galori Fernandes, Lara Albrecht, Andreza Gomes, Everton Antunes, Fabio Bianchini, Hardgar Garcia, Vitor V., Milosko Siesty
/ Cast

Festivals and Awards

  • Film Panic Presents 2017
  • Fantaspoa 2017
  • Sessão Cinemática 2017
  • Cine Caos 2017
  • Hussets, Biograf. Kobenhavn 2017
  • Toca O Terror 2017

Gurcius Gewdner

Born in 1982, Gurcius Gewdner is recognized in Brasil for its peculiar work as a director, editor, musician and visual artist, having led and participated in some of the most absurd, insane and hallucinating artistic and film projects of the past 15 years produced in Brazilian lands.