Poetry in War

Dir: Fernando Salinas
Mostra: Competition
3' . 2017 . RJ


A young man from the periphery recites poetry in the midst of a community shooting, where the police state kills blacks and the poor with war frequency.

Rating free

Screening: november at


Grito Filmes
/ Production company

Fernando Salinas
/ Excutive producer

Fernando Salinas
/ Producer

Fernando Salinas
/ Script

Fernando Salinas
/ Cinematography

Fernando Salinas
/ Art direction

Fernando Salinas, Guilherme Fernández
/ Editor

Fernando Salinas
/ Sound designer

Bruno Peres, Jonas Sikeyra
/ Music

Jonas Sikeyra, Sabrina Martina, Thainá Denicia
/ Cast

Festivals and Awards

  • World Première


Fernando Salinas

Founder of the Grito Filmes initiative to produce audio visual content, for street artists and marginal poets. Winner of the Favela Criativa cultural territories edict The Scream of Literature and Marginal Poetry.  Worked as an editor is films such as I Just Want to Be Happy - The Funk Story, by André Fernandes, and Na Maré da Copa. Journalist responsible for numerous articles about occupations in schools in Rio de Janeiro, political manifestation since of June 2013 and favelas of Rio de Janeiro.