The Sound of the Stars Dazes Me

Dir: Eduardo Williams
Mostra: Anachronies
20' . 2012 . Argentina


Sometimes we find ourselves walking, talking or simply looking at things. That is what the protagonists of this film do. However, inside this mystery of life, we don’t know who they are or what they do. Teddy Williams builds yet again a dense and fantasmatic universe where breezes rhyme with vacancies and to the verb to be has its full double meaning.

Rating 14 years

Screening: november 17 at 17h


Violeta Bava, Rosa Martínez Rivero
/ Producer

Eduardo Williams
/ Script

Eduardo Williams, Manuel Bascoy
/ Cinematography

Milton Rodríguez
/ Sound

Eduardo Williams
/ Editor

José Maldonado, Santiago Miranda, Jerónimo Quevedo, Martín Shanly, Nicolás Uccello
/ Music

Festivals and Awards

  • Menção especial / Special Mention – IndieLisboa 2013
  • Prêmio CinemaXXI / CinemaXXI Award – Festival de Roma 2013

Eduardo Williams

Born in 1987 in Argentina, Eduardo Williams studies at the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires, before joining Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains in France. He signs several shorts including Tan atentos (2011), Could See a Puma (2011), selected in Cannes, That I’m Falling? (2013) and Allons-y! (2016). The Human Surge (2016), his first feature film, won a Golden Leopard in Filmmakers of the Present - Locarno Film Festival.