Sleep has her house

Dir: Scott Barley
Mostra: Anachronies
90' . 2017 . Reino Unido


The shadows of screams climb beyond the hills. It has happened before. But this will be the last time. The last few sense it, withdrawing deep into the forest. They cry out into the black, as the shadows pass away, into the ground.Through long static takes, the film develops a contemplative, hypnotic experience, akin to paintings that move. A film that mixes live action, still photography, and hand-drawn images.

Rating free

Screening: november 21 at 17h


Scott Barley
/ Excutive producer

Scott Barley
/ Producer

Scott Barley
/ Script

Scott Barley
/ Cinematography

Scott Barley
/ Sound

Scott Barley
/ Editor

Scott Barley
/ Music

Festivals and Awards

  • Melhor filme / Best Film - Fronteira Festival 2017
  • Doclisboa 2017

Scott Barley

Scott Barley is an artist and filmmaker from Newport, South Wales, currently living in London, UK.
He studied Art & Design at Cardiff Metropolitan University, where he focused on themes of existential angst, self-sabotage, isolation, and metaphysics. Since early 2015, Barley has exclusively shot his films on an iPhone.
His short film, Hinterlands was voted one of the best films of 2016 in Sight and Sound's yearly film poll.