Dir: Eduardo Williams
Mostra: Anachronies
8' . 2010 . Argentina


The supermarket is filled with products, but there’s no one there. Oh, yes, there’s one kid. But he doesn’t walk as if he was in a supermarket. His friends fight with the cashier, they’re looking for something she says it doesn’t exist. Later on the streets they are a group again, they walk and talk like they do every night. They all want time to go by as it always does.

Rating 14 years

Screening: november 17 at 17h


Alexan Sarikamichian, Agustín Adba
/ Producer

Eduardo Williams
/ Script

Joaquín Neira
/ Cinematography

Eduardo Williams
/ Editor

Tomás Becú
/ Music

Lucas Escariz, Marcelo Rasch, Maximiliano Villalba
/ Cast

Festivals and Awards

  • BAFICI 2011

Eduardo Williams

Born in 1987 in Argentina, Eduardo Williams studies at the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires, before joining Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains in France. He signs several shorts including Tan atentos (2011), Could See a Puma (2011), selected in Cannes, That I’m Falling? (2013) and Allons-y! (2016). The Human Surge (2016), his first feature film, won a Golden Leopard in Filmmakers of the Present - Locarno Film Festival.