Vai e vem

Dir: Louise Botkay
Mostra: Competition
31' . 2017 . RJ/AC


Vai e vem was produced with the Hunikui people from the Jordão River, São Joaquim village and Novo Segredo, at the south of Acre, in the frontier between Brazil and Peru. The film is a journey through this ancient culture, which, by renouncing the easy exoticism of standardized images, constructs an experimental and contemporary look at the daily life of the forest. The film develops itself as a triptych, a collage, a web consisting of a series of long takes seen simultaneously. In this work, it is intended to showcase an experience of presence, an experience of people, times and spaces.

Rating free

Screening: november 18 at 19h


/ Production company

Ayani Hunikui
/ Excutive producer

Louise Botkay
/ Script

Louise Botkay
/ Cinematography

Angelo Ikamuru Hunikui
/ Sound

Louise Botkay
/ Editor

Ricardo Mansur
/ Sound designer

Comunidade Hunikui da aldeia São Joaqui e Novo Segredo
/ Cast

Festivals and Awards

  • Festival de Oberhausen 2017
  • Festival VideoBrasil 2017
21 99725-8677

Louise Botkay

Louise was born in Rio de Janeiro, in 1978. She studied at the French National Film School (La Fémis). She directed films such as Vertières I, II, III (2014), SuperFreeze (2011), Sève (2011), 4Portes (2009), Mammah (2008) and Fofô Niamey (2007). In 2016, the Directors’ Week screened eight of her films, a retrospective that also integrated the program of the festival CachoeiraDoc 2016.