Elviras Jury

Andrea Ormond is a researcher, curator, and film critic, author of the trilogy of books Ensaios de cinema brasileiro – Dos filmes silenciosos ao século XXI. Since 2005, she maintains the blog Estranho encontro, dedicated exclusively to Brazilian cinema. She is a collaborator for Folha de São Paulo and Cinética online magazine, having also written for Filme Cultura, Rolling Stone and Theorema magazines, as well on dozens of collections and catalogs of film festivals. Since 2017 she is curator for Curta Circuito – Mostra de Cinema Permanente.

Ana Paula Alves Ribeiro is an anthropologist, with a doctors’ degree in collective health (IMS / UERJ) and a postdoctoral degree in social sciences (UFRRJ). Adjunct professor of Faculdade de Educação da Baixada Fluminense (FEBF) and of the graduate program in education, culture and communication in urban peripheries (PPGECC), both from the Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro. She is part of the collegiate coordination of Museu Afro Digital Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) and a researcher on the following groups: GRAPPA – Policies and Audiovisual Poetics Analysis Group (leader, UERJ), CULTIS – Culture, Identity and Subjectiveness Research Nucleus (UFRRJ), and NEAB/UERJ – Afro-Brazilian Studies Nucleus.

Taiani Mendes is a critic and editor of AdoroCinema website, she has a degree in film from Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, is member of Elviras – Coletivo de Mulheres Críticas de Cinema and writer hailing from a favela, published in the collection FLUPP Pensa – 43 new authors.