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Cais do corpo

dir: Virginia de Medeiros
7' . 2015 . RJ

Shot during the revitalization process of Mauá Square, in the port area of Rio de Janeiro, this film shows the transformations the place has suffered, told through the universe of prostitution, which was first instituted in the region in 1930. In this place, [...]

Rio de Janeiro

dir: Luiz Roque
5' . 2017 . SP

On Aterro do Flamengo, in an indefinite time, an ancestral black goddess observes the fire that, in 1978, destroyed almost the entire MAM collection. Incarnating all the forgotten black and transsexual bodies, this vindictive ghost occupies and eroticizes what remains [...]


dir: Cristiano Lenhardt
10' . 2015 . PE

Jussaras and Guaracys accept their saints and emanate their blessings following sonic-sexual impulses. Opposing in its title the apex of the Brazilian modernist rationalism movements (the megablocks of Brasília) and a character out of our folklore, commonly [...]

Teta lírica

dir: Marie Carangi
5' . 2016 . PE

Having at background an acoustic shell stage in disuse, Marie Carangi, produces sounds in a theremin with the movement of her breasts. Emphasizing the utopian and bankrupt dimension of a project of modernity printed in architecture, the film confronts and subverts the [...]

Set To Go

dir: Bárbara Wagner, Benjamin de Burca
12' . 2016 . PE

Taking its title from the name of a Frevo step that pretends a moment of imbalance, Set To Go portrays four dancers in their ways of articulating a form of popular tradition with gender and socio-economic issues. As a series of annotations on the relation between [...]

Funk Staden

dir: Dias & Riedweg
14' . 2007 . Alemanha, Brasil

A dupla Maurício Dias (Brasil, 1964) e Walter Riedweg, (Suíça, 1955) realiza projetos colaborativos públicos, performances, vídeos e instalações. Combinando vídeo, etnografia e performance para abordar questões políticas e sociais, os artistas tecem em seus [...]

Archichroma (new Romanticism to somber times)

dir: Pedro França
17' . 2017 . SP

A daydream, of precarious structure, in which a delirious and absurd ghost possesses the mayor of São Paulo, making him say the words of a monster. Its title alludes to the effects of chroma key, the utopian architecture of the 1960s, and the idea that was the origin [...]

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